• Wallpaper: not sure where I found it or who to give credit to. Most wallpapers or images would work below the rainmeter/rocketdock setup. Photoshopping panels on a wallpaper/image for these elements could look better. I ran out of Stardock updates on my license a couple OS's ago or I would still utilize DeskScapes.
  • Rainmeter: collection of right arranged skins with different load orders (rainmeter layers) which is the trick to getting the audiometers below the rest of it. By load order:
    1 & 2 Desktop VU Meter - load 2 meters - one black and one theme colored. Load order the colored meter first, the black second, and all the rest of the rainmeter skins in third load order (putting them on top.)
  • 3 Gnometer - though many widgets from the pack do not work, the system monitoring skins function fine. I modified the color and widget size from it's own settings skin.
    3 Yboris 10ft HUD edit
    3 GoogleBar - I stretched the image and input box out to fit with the rest.
  • RocketDock: like the wallpaper, I'm not sure where the icons/dock background came from or who to give credit to, the Stacks Docklet is how I get dropdown items from my dock icons.
  • Classic Shell: I opt out of using most of the MetroUI that came with Windows8, which also gives me a custom start button/menu.
  • DropIt: I created a transparent icon set over the recyclebin widget from Gnometer so I could drag and drop delete files on my desktop.

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